Castle Siege (5 hours 43 minutes 33 seconds )
New Host / New Client More stability!

Hello Dark-Mu Players,


We'd like to announce some good news:



Our hosting has changed and is improved 10x!!!

We have a new nice client with beautiful interface, you can download it now and check it!

You'll notice too fast Character animations: we increased FPS limit from 21 to 32 so you'll get even less lags!

Now you can see your both weapons equipped in town!

Can't use skills after reset: Is now fully fixed.

Golden Archer info updated

PCPoints Shop updated: Now you can see prices below PCPoints shop marked in Red.

Added more spots to Kanturu and Aida.


Have a nice day! GL & HF

January 15, 2019, 1:20 am

Invite friends Win real money!!!

Hello dear players! We're announcing new event where you can win real money or Rena!!! 


What you must do? Invite friends with your code in Friend system you can find it in account panel logged in to website.


Event rules: Players that you invite must be active not just empty accounts without characters invited players who makes most resets also will be priority.


Event prize:

1st place 10€ and 300 rena

2nd place 5€ and 200 rena

3rd place 5€ and 100 rena

4th place 150 rena

5th place 125 rena

6th place 100 rena

7th place 80 rena

8th place 60 rena

9th place 50 rena

10th place 40 rena


Event will end untill 1st player reaches 200 invited and active players or till 2019.01.20

Invite your friends!! Earn money and rena.

December 24, 2018, 3:48 pm

Server fresh start!!!!

Hello Dark-Mu Players so finally we can announce server start, and you are able to download new server client. Sorry for all your lost items and characters, but we must've changed the game so you could have better gameplay experience with more opportunities.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Download new Client, you can login with old account.

                                         When you enter the game please go to Golden Archer, so you could open your Rena account.


Some more information about server:

Server is unique with Rena system, collect them in game and use them in webshop as regular credits!

Webshop is limited to +0 items so you can hunt for all jewels in game

All jewel rates and chaos machine rates are 100%

Leveling up in party gives you huge experience difference! (Play with friends!!!)

1lvl Wings are free at lorencia bar shop, you can wear them from level 1!

Every Character starts with 100kk zen and 500 points.

If you have anymore questions please contact us by email or discord.

November 22, 2018, 8:37 pm


Hello! And welcome to our server Dark-Mu a different place to play for everyone! Here is why....

Server based on Rena, it's the main value in server that you use to buy items in webshop, you can get rena from events, boxes, bosses, everything you do in the game, leveling up

going to events or hunting bosses gives you little (jewels exc items) or huge rewards like PCPoints or Rena, that you can exchange into credits when you give them to Golden Archer

Golden Archer is located in Lorencia it's always easy to find him just give him rena's that you hunt, buy items in webshop and get your gear for going to battle against other players.

Are you ready warriors?

SERVER OFFICIAL START: 2018/11/22 21:00 GMT+2


Here's some little information about the server for you, if you have any questions feel free to write a mail or using discord Q&A channels.

Experience: 1500x 

Drop: 10% 

Max Level: 400 

Point per level: 5/7/7 

Max Stats: 32767


Resets/Grand Resets info 

Reset Level: 400

Reset Stats: No

Reset reward: 5 PCPoints 

Reset Limit: NO 

Grand Reset: 50 Resets 

Grand Reset stats/inventory/skills: stay 

Grand Reset Reward: 50 Rena 

Grand Reset Limit: 5 


Chaos machine rates:

+10 up to +13 = 100%

Wing level 1 mix rate: 1%-100%

wing level 2 mix rate: 1%-90%

Feather of Condofr mix rate: 1%-50%

Wings level 3 mix rate: 1%-40%

Fenrir Mix Rate: 5%-60%

jewel rates= all 100% 


Drops info: 

Jewels: From all boxes except Blue Ribbon box and Box of Kundun , Dragon Event

Excellent items: From Green Ribbon Box, Red Chocolate box, Orange Candy Box and Box of Kundun, Kanturu Event 

Rena: Blood Castle reward, Blue Ribbon Box, Chaos Castle Reward

Blue Ribbon Box: drops rena, you can get it from Cursed King and Hell Maine bosses 

Blue Candy Box: drops  bless and soul jewels, you can get them from golden invasion 

+7-+13 Items: From Red Ribbon Box, Liac Candy Box, Pink Chocolate Box, drops from all monsters 

Box of Kundun: drops all in game items and 1% chance of dropping Rena 

Box of Heaven: drops Jewels (Soul Bless Life Chaos) also 1%chance to drop Rena 

Loch's feather: Drop from Dark Phoenix in Icarus 

Condor Flame: Drop in Barracks and Kanturu3

November 19, 2018, 8:59 pm

Server future, new system BETA server and more...

Hello Dark-Mu players, we've come to a decision that server is losing activity and doesn't have much entertainment so we're updating it from 0 since 5000 experience makes server only going for PVP and sitting in lorencia ring or stadium. We want a game to be a little bit different, so you won't get bored playing any second of it.

Here's what we want to do: Refresh database, creating new system that all players would have fun playing in our server and probably increasing our player database by making gameplay interesting and enjoyable.

About new system: We are removing old system where server is all about PVP and Credits, main goal is to make all in game events worth something, so instead of credits we're involving Rena, with Rena you'll be able to buy webshop items or level up points.

Where to get rena?: Almost EVERYWHERE, hunting monsters (leveling up), going to events like Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, CryWolf, Kanturu Event, killing bosses like Kundun, hunting Golden monsters that gives you Box of Kundun that drop exc items, jewels or Rena.

Lower Exp: we're changing exp ratio to lower since it's too easy to level up now, also leveling up won't be so boring since monsters are respawning very fast. From 10 seconds it will be changed to 3 seconds for monsters to respawn. Also Exp rate will be decided by players. YOU! So here's the vote poll you will decide what exp sever will have, voting will end untill one of the polls will reach 5 votes, or untill 2018/11/19 18:00


BETA server: Beta server will be launched in 2018/11/19 21:00

BETA players will get rewards when server is fully opened for finding bugs giving us great suggestions or reaching certain amount of Resets.


Good Luck all! Hope you will come play with us!

November 18, 2018, 12:04 pm