Version: Season 3 Episode 1

Experience: 110x

Drop: 15%

Reset Level: 400

Reset Limit: 10 (Increasing every month +2)

Reset Points: 400

Grand Reset: 10 Resets

Grand Reset Reward: 200 Rena

Jewel of Soul rate: 60% (85% With Luck)

Jewel of Life rate: 60%

Chaos machine +10 - +13 rate = 60% (85% With Luck)

New Jewels (Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Level, Jewel of Luck)

Spots 3-4 Mobs

AutoClicker: Allowed (included in client)

Webshop Limited to 2 Exc options

Customized Bosses and Events

SERVER OPENING: 2019.04.02

What are we?

Dark Mu is Season 3 Episode 1 Mu Online Unique server with configurations to keep players active all the time, every event and every item in game has it's base value, so you can get your best gear to participate in our Weekly Castle Siege! We make sure that you have best gaming experience without pay to win items, or donators being way too powerful.
Be the strongest!
Be The Best!
We are waiting for you!

While you're waiting for server start we can offer you to check out our other server Max-MU