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Dark Mu Server grand opening 2020.08.21
  • We were working hard on server making which soon will hit live.
  • You will see more information in our discord server.
  • What is Dark-Mu about?
  • It is classic old school server for older versions GMO players.
  • We don't sell any items, only seals, buffs and pets.
  • Unique Elf Soldier quest system, you get alot of experience from them! 300% increased exp rewards
  • All events exp rewards are increased by 200%
  • Our goal is to bring good old Mu Online experience for players.
  • When do we start? 2020.08.21
  • How i can join BETA test? Join our DISCORD or watch us on TWITCH and you will be invited
  • BETA testers will get special benefits
  • Little infomration about server:
  • Experience: 10x, NO RESET, Drop rate:10%, All rates: GMO, Automatic events every 2-3 hours, no spots, only more monsters in every map, all bosses and events are with updated rewards.