Welcome to Mu Season3 PLUS server!                             If you are not a member, please register.                                  Today is: [2019-10-19]
Server name: DarkMu
Experience: 110x
No jewels in shops.
Max stats: 32 767
No hacks allowed.
Bless bug Off.
Connect server status: Online
Game server status: Online
Players online: 0
Character Delete MinLevel - 40
Reset Level: 400
Reset Limit: 22 +2 / month
Reset Points: 500
Guild Create Level - 200
New Bosses
VIP System
Ranking in game
Custom Interface
Balanced Class
New commands
Quest System
Chaos Mix +10 Success Rate - 80%
Chaos Mix +11 Success Rate - 70%
Chaos Mix +12 Success Rate - 60%
Chaos Mix +13 Success Rate - 50%
Dinorant Success Rate - 70%
2Level Wings Success Rate - 90%
3Level Wings Success Rate - 40%
Feather Of Condor Mix - 50%
Castle Siege Status
To register your clan in the castle siege, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be at least an clan with at least 20 members with his assistant and battle masters.
  • Be at least an level 200 when registering the Guild.
  • Must have at least 1 score war.
  • If You have the requirements , you can register your guild with the NPC found in Deeploren coords 86 - 61 ,there you will see the information when is the next period and date of the next Castle Siege.
Castle Siege
Castle Siege Status: On
Castle Siege Schedule: Every one week!
Castle Owner Guild: Teste
Tax Chaos: 3
Tax Store: 0
Tax Hunt Zone: 0
Registered Guilds