New Features

Dynamic Reset system, Custom Jewel store, /offstore /offattack, most items you get from bosses and events, general drop is very low.


Server commmunications

You can use our Discord server to contact to players or server staff, you can voice chat and trade items in MuMarket, also find alot useful information

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Why our server?

We want to make one strong community, our goal is to create perfect server to play for you and we are trying our best to make you enjoy playing, so don't forget to check our events, bosses, GM events and more, all information you'll find in our Discord server

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Dynamic Resets

Every 5 Resets your exp gets lower, so in the game progress it gets harder and harder to level up it's made so players won't reach max resets too fast and you can enjoy long term server experience.

Experience/VIP Experience Resets Amount
Minimum Maximum
200/260x 0 5
160/208x 6 10
120/156x 11 15
80/104x 16 20
40/52x 21 25
20/26x 26 30
10/13x 31 35
4/5x 36 40