Welcome to Mu Season3 PLUS server!                             If you are not a member, please register.                                  Today is: [2019-10-19]
Server name: DarkMu
Experience: 110x
No jewels in shops.
Max stats: 32 767
No hacks allowed.
Bless bug Off.
Connect server status: Online
Game server status: Online
Players online: 0
Character Delete MinLevel - 40
Reset Level: 400
Reset Limit: 22 +2 / month
Reset Points: 500
Guild Create Level - 200
New Bosses
VIP System
Ranking in game
Custom Interface
Balanced Class
New commands
Quest System
Chaos Mix +10 Success Rate - 80%
Chaos Mix +11 Success Rate - 70%
Chaos Mix +12 Success Rate - 60%
Chaos Mix +13 Success Rate - 50%
Dinorant Success Rate - 70%
2Level Wings Success Rate - 90%
3Level Wings Success Rate - 40%
Feather Of Condor Mix - 50%
Server news

Hello! Welcome to Dark-Mu server, dynamic server with alot of unique features. Our goal is to make different Mu Online server with endless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Combo All classes can use combo, more information about all class combo and how to do it we'll post later.
New custom menu you can find Rankings, Commands info and Event Timer in this menu, also you can see your finanses and purchase VIP.
Custom Rankings system so you can check who is in 1st place by Resets, Blood Castle, Kills and etc.
Here you can buy VIP so you can boost your Experience and Drop rate.
You can see upcoming Events in this table, so you can always know when to be ready!