New Features

Dynamic Reset system, Custom Jewel store, /offstore /offattack, most items you get from bosses and events, general drop is very low.


Server commmunications

You can use our Discord server to contact to players or server staff, you can voice chat and trade items in MuMarket, also find alot useful information

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Why our server?

We want to make one strong community, our goal is to create perfect server to play for you and we are trying our best to make you enjoy playing, so don't forget to check our events, bosses, GM events and more, all information you'll find in our Discord server

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TOP Rankings
1Magic GladiatorAtheist27Aida
2Muse ElfSexy27Aida
3Dark LordLoveLess27Aida
4Rage FighterUnreliable27Aida
5Dark LordeChOs20Lorencia
6Soul MasterSisolins17Aida
7Dark LordLordBirus16Icarus
8Rage FighterShraga16Lorencia
9Muse ElfBuffe16Lorencia
10Bloody SummonerJust13Icarus
11Magic GladiatorGhost11Devias
12Muse ElfZlato11Aida
13Blade KnightPaPanDoPaL11Aida
14Dark LordDLight10Icarus
15Soul MasterSMCereP10Aida
16Soul MasterMrAmbush8Elbeland
17Blade KnightunNKiD8Elbeland
18Soul MasterSoulStorm8Icarus
19Muse ElfPureEnergy8Elbeland
20Magic GladiatorBeatles8Icarus
21Dark Lord4eRePoK8Noria
22Dark LordDode7Icarus
23Bloody SummonerLangytee7Devias
24Muse ElfElfa6Kanturu
25Rage FighterKING6Kanturu