Welcome to Mu Season3 PLUS server!                             If you are not a member, please register.                                  Today is: [2019-10-19]
Server name: DarkMu
Experience: 110x
No jewels in shops.
Max stats: 32 767
No hacks allowed.
Bless bug Off.
Connect server status: Online
Game server status: Online
Players online: 0
Character Delete MinLevel - 40
Reset Level: 400
Reset Limit: 22 +2 / month
Reset Points: 500
Guild Create Level - 200
New Bosses
VIP System
Ranking in game
Custom Interface
Balanced Class
New commands
Quest System
Chaos Mix +10 Success Rate - 80%
Chaos Mix +11 Success Rate - 70%
Chaos Mix +12 Success Rate - 60%
Chaos Mix +13 Success Rate - 50%
Dinorant Success Rate - 70%
2Level Wings Success Rate - 90%
3Level Wings Success Rate - 40%
Feather Of Condor Mix - 50%
Game rules
    Useage of these methods/programs is illegal in our server (Permanent ban):
  • Cheats, hacks and similar programs, which could cause server problems.
  • Server bugs, to improve your gameplay.
  • Faking administrator status, to affect other players.
    It is also forbidden to (Disabling chat, disconnect, ban):
  • Use uncensored words in any language.
  • Player killing without reason (event is a reason, spots thieving is not a reason, AFK is a reason*).
  • Ignorance for administrators call
If you have seen any done harm to server, make a screenshot, and send it to administrators or just report it to GM. If you will be right, you will get reward!
Administrators keeps a full right to change these rules.
* - AFK (Away From Keyboard) is, when player doesn't respond 2 minutes, and he doesn't move from his place by this time (Exception is when player just standing and doesn't do anything, that will improve his skills).